The full Chicken Out game is a story based on 3 overall chapters. In the first chapter the chicken has not hatched yet, but is still an egg lost in the factory and trying to get out. In chapter two, the hatching is in process and the legs of the chicken are free adding a new dimension to the gameplay and navigation of the character, and finally in the third stage the chicken is out of the egg just to meet new obstacles and challenges to work its way out of its misplacement in the factory and seek to reunite with the other chickens outside in the sunlight.

The story line has not been changed, but we have decided to put extra effort into making the 100 egg-levels in the first chapter fun and awesome enough to stand alone and work as a game in itself. The plan is to release this as a first version, while we spend time creating the rest of the gameplay. Not just as a taste of the game, but with enough gameplay to stand as a full game.