What is Chicken Out?

Chicken Out is a game consisting of three stages. The plot concerns an unfortunate chicken who hatches in a bad place. During the game, the chicken has to break out

Approaching first release of the Chicken Out Trilogy

We are few weeks away from public release of the first game in the Chicken out trilogy. Joachim and Lasse are digging down in an analogue overview of the levels

Egg first – then chicken

The full Chicken Out game is a story based on 3 overall chapters. In the first chapter the chicken has not hatched yet, but is still an egg lost in the

Testing, testing

The first 100 levels have been user tested with people of different age and background. The learning’s from evaluation of the tests bring insight to what to fix in the gameplay,

Party time

We did not succeed to crowd fund the finalisation and launch of Chicken out on Kickstarter. Though it might mean a slower pace and a scale down of activities, it

Rolling versus running

  The hatched chicken is literally a game changer compared to the first 100 levels of being an egg. We hope that the difference between the puzzles of egg rolling  and the

Chicken Out on Kickstarter

We have just submitted Chicken Out to Kickstarter in the hope to raise some funding to staff up finishing the game in top quality and to make some noise. We

The Level Editor rocks

  We have created a level editor that makes it possible to edit the levels of the game directly on an iPad. This is really, really great. The visual what-you-se-is-almost-what-you-

Getting the storyline together

  In the process of evaluating game levels, some are changed and some are discontinued. In some cases also the order of the level is changed, so level 47 suddenly change

Behind schedule – we have to catch up

Weekly status meeting in the team. We are considering to staff up with freelancers or outsourcing elements on oDesk to stay on schedule. oDesk is a great concept and a