Help the egg escape the factory and get back to the farm!

An unhatched chicken egg has fallen out of its nest and landed in a dangerous egg factory. Adventure with the egg in its early stage on this epic odyssey back to its family. Escape through tubes, fly through the air via canons and avoid bombs and robots!

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What is Chicken Out?

Chicken Out is a game consisting of three stages. The plot concerns an unfortunate chicken who hatches in a bad place. During the game, the chicken has to break out of its shell as well

Approaching first release of the Chicken Out Trilogy

We are few weeks away from public release of the first game in the Chicken out trilogy. Joachim and Lasse are digging down in an analogue overview of the levels and preparing for the final

Egg first – then chicken

The full Chicken Out game is a story based on 3 overall chapters. In the first chapter the chicken has not hatched yet, but is still an egg lost in the factory and trying to get

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